Walking Brain

  • Solve the riddles while walking!

  • Play alone or in a group!

  • Win the Prize!

  • Hunt the clues in city!

  • Feel the adventure!

  • Play alone or in group!

  • Win the Prize!

  • Compete with other groups at the same time!

  • Find the final answer and win the prize!

  • Play from comfort of your home!

  • Compete internationally!

  • Win the prize!

Bojan, Laval

I love this, I have already told my friends about it. This is a great team-building outdoor-game in Montreal!

Yohann & Mathilde, Montreal

Walking Brain is a fun activity and energizing experience. We played as a couple and we can't wait for their new games to play again!

Kamala, Montreal

Absolutely huge fun, if you don't have a plan or things to do in Montreal, I recommend it!


We are a tech-based start-up in Montreal.

We want to help people playfully explore their city!

You can play a detective game,  treasure hunting game, gamified walk and self-guided tour by Walking Brain.

Our games follow the Covid19 safety guidelines. During playing our games, you won't need to enter any building / be in contact with any other person or touch any public item.

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