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Team Building

Get Matched and Play!

You will be randomly matched by a partner and start the game from a random location. You will have to answer location-based riddles and find clues and addresses. The whole journey will be guided by your smartphone. The first group that solves all the riddles will be eligible to get a cash prize. It's a race against time and the other groups.

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Make Friends and Mingle!

Walking Brain is a social geo-game for the whole city of Montreal. Our team-building activity is an opportunity to meet interesting people, make friends and socialize. You will experience an adrenaline rush along with getting out of your comfort zone. You will be partnered up in groups of two to four to complete the mission. The first team to find the final answer wins! To play all you need is your smartphone and the joy of walking.


Location: Montreal, Downtown, Roddick Gates (McGill University)

Time: Every Saturday and Sunday until the end of October

Duration of the game: 2 to 3 hours depending on how fast you are!

The difficulty of the game: 6 out of 10 (based on user review)

Game Language: English and French

Entry Fee: 18 Canadian Dollars per person. Will be collected in cash upon starting the matching process. 

Note #1: You need to have the internet on your mobile phone

Note #2: If you want to win the prize, try not to use the extra hints in the game because it adds up 15 minutes to your overall time.

Note #3: The winner of the day will be notified either on our Instagram page or at an after-game meeting. 

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Geo-Matchmaking Events: Next Spring in Montreal

Dec 11 - Dec 17
















"Yesterday was fun, thank you. I would like to participate in your next events as well!"

Remy R.

"It was entertaining; I was paired with two cool guys who were visiting Montreal. While playing the geo-game, we discovered several stunning locations. We were able to complete the mission. I'm glad I took part."

Anastasia L.

"This is the coolest team-building event I've ever attended. Thank you for such a wonderful organization."

Andy C.

"Votre activité de consolidation d'équipe a été l'occasion de rencontrer des personnes intéressantes!"

Marie-Helene D.

"​"C'est du genre Amazing Race Canada mais autour de Montreal, tres bon concept""

Johanne G.

 "It's a great walking tour that goes thru the nicest parts of the city that are not the main touristy parts. Thank you"

Group Solodolo

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