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Explore The City With Your Friends; Play this Amazing Game and Discover Montreal!

You are able to get away from the hustle and the bustle of your daily routine. You are able to connect with others while having fun and learning something new about a city. Our family-based games are all about having fun while exploring Montreal’s neighbourhoods and districts. We aim to combine puzzles, riddles, secret codes and local trivia to create an engaging experience as you explore the city. Come join us to discover what's so special about your home. It's a new way to share adventures with friends or family, and you can even play solo.

We're a small Montreal-based startup and we've created a new type of activity that combines what people love doing outside (walking outdoors) with something they can do on their own or as a group indoors (and around the city).

Desire: If you live in Montreal, nearby, or you're planning to visit the city soon - Here's what you can expect from Geo-Games: Enjoy discovering the city by walking outside. Hours of exploring and discovering something new!

Starting at Dobson Center McGill University, Walking Brain is an outdoor game creator in Montreal. It’s back with a revamped and redesigned adventure that takes you on a tour of some of the most stunning places in Montreal with unique shops, entertainment and sights to see. We spent months researching all the locations just for this game and asking all our friends who live in the city about what they like and dislike about it. Some places were so amazing we couldn’t pass them up, while at others we found holes in the design or simply didn’t have enough time to put in the work needed to make them shine.

- A fun social experience

- Explore parts of the city you have never seen before

- Practice team building while enjoying walking outside!

- Your family can participate in the game too

- Get to know your city better

- Play with friends

- Learn a bit of history and culture

- Fun and educational game for kids and teens!

- The geo-game is bilingual!

- Follow the clues and solve location-based riddles

How it works?

The Game Experience begins when players register and choose the adventure they want to enjoy. After registering, players will receive an email containing their mission followed.

Walking Brain was born in the mind of two Montrealers who wanted to create fun and interactive ways for people to enjoy their cities. The idea started with the original Walking Tour of Montreal, which was the first real-life escape game in the city. Since then, we have expanded our services to offer a variety of games that allow people to explore different parts of the city while having fun with friends old and new.

You’ll be surprised where the game will take you!

Hundreds of people have already played our game. We're now working to bring it to more cities. Our most favourite game "Solve the mystery of Dabba-Virus" happens in Mile-End Montreal. in this game you will be following clues and solving average-difficulty-level riddles to find the next address and get closer and closer to the final answer.

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